Covering years of exploitations and immoral indiscretions, Broken is, thrilling, imaginatively graphic, addictive, and with a twist of deep black humour. Sam Hope captures your every emotion throughout. Vicky Sterling had been born into a world which didn't want her. She had been adopted into a rich powerful family all of whom openly found her an intrusion on their lives. She grew up with an overwhelming anger, which in turn pushes her into a life of prostitution, sexual exploitation, and a sadistic fascination for violence. But she has a son, Simon, the other half of her heart, he would have the best that she could give him, and there is nothing she won’t do to ensure that. Vicky finally loses control, when her next door neighbour deliberately injures her boy, she had vowed the day he was born to protect him with her life, and now that bitch would have to pay… Broken is a powerful read, a story of real life that is generally not spoken of.
ISBN: 9781786977571
Type: Paperback
Pages: 226
Price: $12.65

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