The Rag and Bone Boys - Quatre Bras and Waterloo

The seventh in the 105th Foot series. Napoleon’s return from Elba renewed the war that many had thought was over, and for the 105th it was renewed in the heat and the high corn at Quatre Bras where was fought a confused and bloody battle as Allied units arrived as individual Brigades and were committed piecemeal to a desperate fight. Two days later came Waterloo and the 105th again bore the brunt of an attack that almost immediately won Napoleon the decisive battle which was of such strife and slaughter as to rival any fought in the Peninsula. Later in the day came yet more trial when the 105th was called upon to help defeat Napoleon’s final throw, the attack of the elite Imperial Guard. After Waterloo, the 105th marched to Paris to be part of an Army of Occupation over a Paris convulsed by riot and turmoil. As before, throughout the whole, the characters of the 105th stand together, forever squabbling and irritable, but ever faithful, their long-forged community always secure.
ISBN: 9781803029467
Type: Paperback
Pages: 680
Published: 18 October 2023
Price: $15.95

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