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A story set in the time of Nelson’s Navy. England rules the waves, but the French Navy yet remains a potent threat, especially their own powerful frigates. Also, another threat is creeping Northward; slaver/pirates in fast galleys from the North African c....
ISBN: 9781784078119
Published: 23 June 2014
This is a story set within actual history – fictional characters in actual events. On 2nd May 1808 Napoleon Bonaparte imprisoned the Spanish Royal Family and proclaimed his brother Joseph the new King of Spain. The Spanish rose up at the insult and so, wi....
ISBN: 9781782998549
Published: 22 August 2013
In January 1809 Moore’s evacuated army arrived back in England, but by April another, this time under Sir Arthur Wellesley, is returned to Lisbon to renew the war with the forces of Napoleon. This army was 23,000 strong but at the time of Wellesley return....
ISBN: 9781786970268
Published: 3 June 2016
This is the fourth book in the saga of the 105th Foot, The Prince of Wales Own Wessex Regiment, known throughout Wellington's Army as the 'Rag and Bone Boys', a nickname they earned after their first battle against the French. They have been in the Penins....
ISBN: 9781788762625
Published: 9 March 2018
The fifth in the 105th Foot, ‘Rag and Bone Boys’ series and the story continues with Wellington advancing forward into Spain at the head of an Allied army to begin the campaigns of 1812. The following twelve months extending into 1813 is a year of titanic....
ISBN: 9781839452109
Published: 19 February 2020
The sixth in the 105th Foot, ‘Rag and Bone Boys’ series. The Allies under Wellington are poised on the border of France to cross the Pyrenees. San Sebastian and Pamplona continue to hold out and the former has to be taken by siege for which young Willough....
ISBN: 9781803022734
Published: 3 December 2021
The year is 1805 and Nelson has robbed the French of their way across The Channel, but Napoleon’’s Grande Armee remains a potent threat. Faced with this, the Secretary of State for War gathered all possible forces to resist invasion. This included sweepin....
ISBN: 9781784078911
Published: 15 July 2014