The Riddle

March 2020.. A world in lock-down and choked with fear..Events happening beyond our control - Climate change, coronovirus, mass extinction etc. The key word is Unity. Despite cultural and ideological differences these disastrous events are bringing the human family closer together. As we gradually integrate a new cosmology is required to act as a bond, a common ground upon which we can rebuild for a worthwhile future. The Perennial Philosophy is one such worldview, offering us a vision of unity that meets the spiritual needs of our times. This essay is intended to assist in the task of re - evaluation and integration, by bringing the unifying power of the ancient Perennial Philosophy into mainstream debate. As for the Riddle? If answered correctly then the rest should become self evident. In these confused and troubled times - If we need one safe and secure beacon of hope, it is light.
ISBN: 9781839452864
Type: Paperback
Pages: 54
Published: 23 April 2020
Price: $6.26

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