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J M Seeker was born in Manchester in 1951. Engineer by profession, mountaineer and sailor by choice, and philosopher by nature. Since retirement I have become deeply involved in biodynamic gardening and Ecology, and had articles published in The Times of India, and also the Scientific and Medical Network website on the subject of Eco philosophy. There is much discussion in academic circles regarding the current state of humanity and the need for change; indeed the world is crying out for change. But very few people have come up with genuine and realistic proposals as to what form that change should take. So this is where I am at present. This book - The View from Casiopeia, is one such proposal; laid out as a series of informal letters outlining a new world view grounded in ecology. Oh, and I forgot to mention; I am a Grandfather, I like Pink Floyd and Chopin in equal measure, I am not adverse to the odd glass of decent Burgundy, and I am also a serial optimist.

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Reductionism as a scientific method has seen remarkable success in the material world. But what happens if we apply this scientific method to the subject of 'life'? Does life equate to more than its seperate parts? Let us go under the surface and see what....
ISBN: 9781839451959
Published: 12 February 2020
March 2020.. A world in lock-down and choked with fear..Events happening beyond our control - Climate change, coronovirus, mass extinction etc. The key word is Unity. Despite cultural and ideological differences these disastrous events are bringing the hu....
ISBN: 9781839452864
Published: 23 April 2020
The year 2017. Humanity stands at a threshhold. Do we allow our societies and the precious natural environment to continue deteriorating while we hold dearly to our cripplingly narrow preconceptions and outdated world views? The author thinks not. Human b....
ISBN: 9781788761819
Published: 1 January 2018