The Smugglers of Hog's Head Bay - colour version

FULL COLOUR ILLUSTRATED ADVENTURE STORY for children aged seven to eleven. This is part of the exciting and witty series by author-illustrator Elizabeth Morley, which is set in a parallel world populated by hedgehogs. "The Smugglers of Hog’s Head Bay" takes us back to the 1770s - an age of sail, smuggling and revolution. When Admiral Hoglander is called away by the Navy, he sends his daughter, Hoglinda, to live with her Cousin Quiller, in a remote corner of the Isle of Needles. Hoglinda fears she will be bored there. Then she discovers that Quiller has a secret. Determined to uncover the truth, Hoglinda is drawn further and further into Quiller’s murky world. A world of night visitors, hiding places and secret signals. A world of loyalty and betrayal where, behind one dark secret, lies another – darker still… Along the way, Hoglinda meets many shady characters, and more than once her life will be threatened. Eventually driven to seek the help of a stranger, she turns to the mysterious Mr Snipwicke. But can Mr Snipwicke himself be trusted? /// Paperback; 156 pages; 87 full colour illustrations. /// Other stories in the same series:- "Where Hedgehogs Dare" - set in the hedgehog equivalent of the Second World War; "Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy" – a modern-day spy story, introducing secret agent Snipper; "Hedgehogs from Outer Space" – Snipper’s second adventure, which takes him to the International Space Station - and beyond. All of Elizabeth Morley's stories are illustrated and available in full colour. Each book concludes with a short postscript explaining the facts behind the story - covering subjects from science to history, and from space exploration to smuggling, sailing and navigation in the 18th century.
ISBN: 9781839459207
Type: Paperback
Pages: 188
Published: 23 April 2021
Price: $11.15

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