The Vanishing

Morgan Lane (15) has a superhuman memory and a gift for designing amazing 'gizmos'. Together with his sidekick, the Chinese American Lin Rainbow, who has the power of prophecy; and their pet orangutan Winston – transformed by magic and science into a genius with the power of speech – he is catapulted into a cosmic adventure across the multiverse to the dimension where time and space are one. The comet Cygnus Hyperbole heralds an amazing event: the sudden disappearance of all animal life on Earth. This coincides with Morgan's Nobel prize winning father perfecting a microbe that can eat pollution and reverse climate change. The mysterious Guardians choose Morgan to memorise 'The Cosmic Algorithm', the key to all creation as a power-crazed scientist (controlled by cosmic parasites known as the Shadix) designs replacement animals, nanosaurs, including Taurus, a seventeen-feet tall minotaur – the first of a nanosaur army destined to control all mankind. Morgan must protect the 'Cosmic Algorithm' and the super microbe from the clutches of the scientist at all costs. But the world is descending into chaos as Morgan and friends battle across an unrecognizable earthly landscape to find the gatekeeper to the next dimension – the Kingdom of Time And Space.
ISBN: 9781785108990
Type: Paperback
Pages: 327
Published: 23 June 2015
Price: $12.95

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