The Weather Kids

The ongoing adventures of Linzi Lightning, (US) Tommy Thunder (Australia), Rebecca Rain (UK), Wu-Shi Wind (China), Sofia Snow (Russia) and Sami Sunshine (Brazil) Linzi, Sami, Sofia, Rebecca, Tommy and Wu-Shi meet at the International Climate Change Centre where their scientist parents are attending a conference. They see a strange, spidery man escaping from the highly secretive Extreme Weather Chamber with a funny looking box. Wu-Shi has a phone app that can open security locks. They break in and find themselves trapped with no way out. Then a huge storm begins – a typhoon mixed with a tornado. The Weather God appears created out of cloud, rain, mist, lightning and rainbows. He takes them to the amazing Cloud Nine where they find the Crock of Gold, the source of all the world’s rainbows and the rainbow superhighway. They receive and test out their superpowers: lightning, thunder, rain, snow, wind and sunshine. Then, they go on their first mission. The spidery man is Doctor Vile. He stole the master controller from the Chamber and has built a monstrous sixty feet giant from landfill rubbish, garbage and all kinds of sickly, smelly trash. Vile threatens to bury a small town and a school full of children until the Weather Kids use their powers to capture him.
ISBN: 9781785109058
Type: Paperback
Pages: 66
Published: 23 June 2015
Price: $6.49

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