The Warrior on the Wall

Also available on Amazon books and Amazon Kindle. In 2009, Lin, a retired primary school teacher and practising Buddhist, was sentenced to six months in HMP Bronzefield, a high security prison. Her crime? Refusing to reveal the whereabouts of a mongrel dog called Hess, a dog for whom she had been caring for two months. Lin was told by the Crown Court Judge who sentenced her that she could walk free at any time; all she had to do was reveal the whereabouts of Hess. While in prison and struggling with her own mental illness, Lin listened to the stories of the women who befriended her and who she befriended in turn. Their stories told of abuse and injustice. But why was Lin sent to prison for such a minor crime? What was it that made the police and the courts pursue her conviction so relentlessly? Lin’s story poses many uneasy questions and reveals what can happen when power is placed in the wrong hands. Raw, acutely honest, wry and funny, ‘The Warrior on the Wall’ confronts us with enduring compassion and humanity.
ISBN: 9781782998273
Type: Paperback
Pages: 285
Published: 10 August 2013
Price: $14.50

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