The Wave

The Wave features five short stories.He exits his hotel room. One knock is all it takes for the wooden door, with number 2016 planted neatly on the front in silver numbers, to quickly open. A man with a Happy New Year hat and horn greets him. "You got your party hat on and a drink in hand. Man, I told you, New Year's ended four months ago." The guy blows into his horn. "Surprise! I was waiting for your arrival. I heard you were looking for me." "Who are you?" "I’m Nutzy. I’m not a rebel." The Wave is a collection of five short stories, featuring mystery, comedy, love and fantasy. The excitement surrounding The Diamond, an enchanted valley in Peru, will capture your heart and leave you craving more. Detective Swoop is a smart and savvy investigator who always solves the problem and shows the criminals who the boss is. He will leave you mesmerized and amazed.
ISBN: 9781786978622
Type: Paperback
Pages: 86
Published: 23 June 2017
Price: $7.95

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