Thelma and the bleached coral

This delightful timeless tale is of a sea turtle who finds herself lost and far from home. With themes of climate change, coral bleaching, nature and the natural world, environment, marine animals, friendship, and lost, this book is a must for every bookshelf. First published in 2012 by FeedARead, this chapter book edition for 5 to 8 years includes a heartfelt author bio "Let's change climate change". This is a heartwarming story with an environmental message. The author gently encourages its audience to consider ways they can help stop climate change at home. Children will enjoy the action, adventure and lovable characters. Thelma the tiny sea turtle likes nothing better than playing hide and seek in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. She spends her days with her best friend Lucy, a sea horse, swimming through the colourful corals of Connie Cove. But there is danger there as well as beauty. Thelma knows all about the nasty devil scorpion fish camouflaged in the dying corals, and the angler fish who lurks in the depths of the ocean. But Gerald the Great White Shark is who Thelma and Lucy feared the most. Gerald could dart out from the deeper darker waters at you so fast. One day Thelma finds herself in the clutches of a completely different creature. Thelma is scooped from the ocean in a net by marine biologists. When she is placed back in the sea, it is not her colourful coral reef home. The corals are bleached white from the effects of climate change and the water is way too warm. Thelma meets Olly, a wise, big and old turtle and together they journey across the deeper darker waters to get back to Thelma's home. Will Thelma get back home? I hope they don't meet Gerald the dreaded Great White Shark on the way!
ISBN: 9781803026466
Type: Paperback
Pages: 26
Published: 4 November 2022
Price: $5.65

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