Tickle Town Adventures

Tickle Town Adventures is a story book for children aged two to five. Each chapter is about the different characters that live there and their adventures. We have: Mr Beep and his car Beep Beep: Today Mr Beep is taking Mrs Moss on a driving lesson. At first she doesn't listen and learns a safety lesson, when, Mr Moss rides towards them on Sammy mobility scooter, on the wrong side of the road. Bessie the bus driver: Bessie the bus driver is driving Betsy the bus to Tickle Street, to pick up the children waiting there and take them to school. When, Bob the dog runs onto Betsy the bus causing mayhem. Bertie Breakdown: Bertie has just finished doing jobs on his breakdown truck, when, he is called away. But, his breakdown truck breaks down and he has to phone Robby the rescue man for help. Sally Sweet: Sally is putting her sweet sign up outside, when, it becomes very windy. Bobby Bicycle's new bikes outside his shop, start to blow away. Then when the rain comes it makes for a busy day for both of them. There are more characters and adventures to complete Tickle Town.
ISBN: 9781786101297
Type: Paperback
Pages: 44
Published: 26 May 2016
Price: $8.58

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