Turn Your Life Around (2nd Edition)

The best investment is in yourself, when you love you, others will love you too. I have written this book, using my wisdom, knowledge and personal experiences of how I have turned my life around over and over again. I give you basic, easy to follow advice of how to live your life; if and when disaster, trauma, loss happens and it will; no-one gets away with it; you will learn to surf the waves and build bridges instead of falling into deep, dark holes. This will enable you to recover more quickly. It is so important to learn to love yourself; you are a child of God; you have been given unique God-given gifts to use, enabling you to shine your light out into the world. Never hold back to allow others to shine brighter. Be forgiving; accept your mistakes; know that failure is just a new start with more determination; allowing you to be the best version you can be. The sky and beyond; that is what you are aiming for. In other words your potential is limitless. This is where dreams become reality. Feel it, see it and one day it will happen. Miracles can be found around every corner, you just need to learn to look for them. Dreams really do come true; you just need to believe in yourself! A few years ago, I was in hospital and a young, 23 year old girl in the bed opposite me, had tried to end her life. She told the doctor she was a waste of space. She was no use to anyone. I had to go to the bathroom, I was so upset. Later, when there was just the two of us on the ward, she came over to my bed, to ask why I had got so upset, she didn't understand. I said I cared what happened to her, her life was precious, she was needed. She had a full life ahead of her. Yes it might appear all doom and gloom today but it can change in a flash. That change is your mindset, you are the change needed to change your life. Once you decide you can, you will and you will never look back. Believe me, I know!
ISBN: 9781835971277
Type: Paperback
Pages: 168
Published: 24 April 2024
Price: $11.95

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