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Pauline qualified as an Angelic Reiki Grand Master in 2007; she has been working with the angelic realm ever since. Her life experiences, knowledge and wisdom she uses to motivate and help people to turn their lives around, having used these proven methods to turn her own life around, time and time again. She firmly believes that life happens for you, not to you and once you can learn to look for the lessons learnt in any situation, it allows you to see what you needed to learn to enable you to grow into a better person; letting g go of 'victim' mode and become the victor in your life. Her hopes are that sharing her personal experiences will encourage you, the reader, to make the necessary changes needed to enable you to turn your life around. Pauline has survived divorce, mental abuse, illness, great loss and so much more and she now believes her elder son, now in Spirit works through her. She mentions in her book, her encounters with Spirit and St. Therese. She receives guidance on a daily basis of how she can serve for the higher good. This is the reason she writes. She feels her mission in life is to help people make the changes needed, to allow them to live a much more peaceful, loving, happy life. The change starts with each and every one of us, we must be willing to do the work on ourselves to enable change to happen and believe we deserve love and abundance in any form.

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This book contains examples of how you can turn a negative situation into a positive. e.g. divorce, illness, dealing with the death of a child and lots of other situations. I have written about my life experiences and how I turned my life around.
ISBN: 9781788767354
Published: 14 February 2019
To the shy, spread those beautiful wings, just show the world who you truly are. To the lonely take control and start and live this precious thing called life. Love yourself. Don't rely on others. Let go of expectations. Take control. To the used and abus....
ISBN: 9781803022390
Published: 11 November 2021