What's Marriage Got To Do With It? Is an enlightening work on a subject that will always be relevant to humanity in every generation. Researched and detailed, the topic of marriage is delved into from an angle and perspective that's unique, insighful and in line with the truth of God's Word without neglecting the reality of the ever changing fast paced times we are in and the effect it has on the world's oldest institution. This is a book that sets the topic of marriage straight with a no holds barred approach, humour, and life's experience that will be greatly beneficial to the reader. It is certain that 'What's Marriage Got To Do With It' is a volume that has something for everyone who intends to get married, who is married, who is considering ending their marriage, who has ended their marriage, and those who are considering getting back with their spouse after a marital break up. Topics like the origin of marriage, what is marriage?, standing the test of time in marriage, factors that make marriage work, among others are looked into in this inspiring volume. What's Marriage Got To Do With It?, is a book anyone who is interested in truth and serious about their marital life should have.
ISBN: 9781786109354
Type: Paperback
Pages: 72
Published: 26 April 2016
Price: $10.74

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