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Olutosin Ogunkolade is an inspired and prolific writer on many subjects, and a man of divers writing interests. He is a man who is two parts courageous and one part compassionate. His published works include 'GREAT WORDS FOR GREAT LIVING' a book which also doubles as a work book which is of the inspiration and motivation genre, and 'MAKAIRA' a christian/fiction story. He also writes regularly on his blog on various subjects. His blog is called 'THE DREAMERS BLOG' Olutosin is registered as a freelance writer with a number of online free lance writing organisations. A lot of is writings come about as a result of deep though, an observant eye and an active imagination. He is married and has a son, he resides in London, UK

This Author's Books

The Dreamers Journey To the Dream is a small volume that inspires and motivates towards achieving your dream whatever that dream may be. It is a book that encourages the reader towards fulfillment in today's world where discouragement, despondency, negati....
ISBN: 9781784074333
Published: 27 February 2014
The Mystery Of Visibility is a work of revelation inspired by the teachings of the Master Himself, Jesus Christ. It is a work that expounds and unveils esoteric knowledge, in the process revealing the mystical dimensions of our identity and divine potenti....
ISBN: 9781786974808
Published: 17 November 2016
What's Marriage Got To Do With It? Is an enlightening work on a subject that will always be relevant to humanity in every generation. Researched and detailed, the topic of marriage is delved into from an angle and perspective that's unique, insighful and ....
ISBN: 9781786109354
Published: 26 April 2016