Walking Shadow

Edmund Shakespeare, lead player of female roles on the London stage, has been arrested as a traitor. It's January 1606 and London is a dangerous place; the gunpowder plot had just been foiled, spies and informers are everywhere, suspicion is rife in the streets and the terror of Catholic fanatics has gripped both the people and the Government. It isn't only players who perform a part, it's only safe to go in disguise and many hide behind a mask. It's a time when everything is uncertain and nothing is what it seems. Like so many lurking in the streets of the city, Edmund adopts multiple disguises and beneath those disguises he hides many secrets. At all costs, he must keep these secrets from his enemies - but can he work out who they are? As the novel unfolds, the reader begins to uncover the truth about Edmund, about his identity, about his involvement with the conspirators and to reach some understanding of his guilt and his innocence. This is a historical novel with profoundly modern themes: the fear of terrorism, political manipulation of information, and issues of religious fundamentalism and intolerance.
ISBN: 9781839450549
Type: Paperback
Pages: 338
Published: 25 March 2020
Price: $11.03

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