When the Spirit Moves You

After a broken marriage, where my children and I suffered terrible mental abuse, my short term partner nearly sent me 'over the edge', my long term partner had an affair with my best friend, being put off work with a painful condition, I decided to leave England. Many thought I was brave to go and live on La Gomera, especially as there were hardly any English people living there, but it’s a good way to find yourself. I lived on this unspoilt island for 21 months and had some spiritual experiences whilst there. When I arrived in Valle Gran Rey there were two six hundred foot cliffs on either side, the sinuous road plunged and villages looked minute; at the bottom the Atlantic Ocean. I met some interesting characters and relate their stories, which may make you smile or cry. I have tried to capture the magic of this stunning island with sights, sounds and smells; enabling the reader to be transported to La Gomera from the comfort of their armchair. Readers have said it is engaging, descriptive, moving and funny and felt as though they were on La Gomera with me. “An amazing read, very inspiring and comforting, it made me laugh and almost made me cry, A truly fantastic book, I didn't want it to end, Will now read the other books by this author, Buy this book you.won't be disappointed.” Jinny Lambert “When the Spirit Moves You is a heart-warming book, always optimistic despite the difficulties Geraldine had previously experienced. Her move to La Gomera is an inspiration for those of us who need to self-heal in any way we might choose; her gentle courage showed throughout the pages and, while I will never get to La Gomera, I now know it to be a vibrant, warm, healing place. A thoroughly uplifting read. And it includes some of her wonderful poetry. Great!” Collette "Hi Geraldine, absolutely loved your book 'When the Spirit Moves You'. It was a most enjoyable read and felt like I was right beside you all the time."
ISBN: 9781785103162
Type: Paperback
Pages: 216
Published: 1 December 2019
Price: $12.65