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I'm 70 years old and have a passion for life! I'm an author of 5 books and have just written my first novel 'A Collision of Two Worlds'. It's a romance with numerous twists and turns in the plot and many readers tell me they can't put it down. I love being a performance poet in southeast London and Kent and I regularly feature on BBC Radio Kent. I've lived and worked on 3 different islands. The first was, La Gomera, a small but stunning sub-tropical island in the Canaries, where I spent 22 months writing lots of poetry and making copious notes for my first book, ‘When the Spirit Moves You’, an autobiographical travel book with humour and tragedy included. I then moved to Malta and lived there for 15 months with fantastic views of Mellieha Bay and Malta’s tiny sister island, Gozo. Gozo had many writers, artists, musicians and poets living there and I enjoyed being a member of Poetry on Gozo. I lived on this magical island for 4 years, until 2008 and I returned there in 2015 for 2 1/2 years. it was amazing to be able to live and work next to the turquoise ocean. In between living on these islands I lived in Broadstairs and Ramsgate on the southeast coast of England where I wrote 'On the Dickens' Trail'. I have belonged to the Broadstairs Folk Week Poets for many years. After nineteen years of being a bit of a nomad I decided to move back to be near my beautiful family in the London Borough of Bexley where I now reside.

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Katie Morgan, an independent young woman, inherits her parent’s house and antiques business after their tragic deaths in 1985. She sells both because they hold too many happy memories. She misses her parents dreadfully, but she knows their spirits are clo....
ISBN: 9781803028705
Published: 27 July 2023
Writers have to be observant, and I do see the funny side of life, but I try to be sensitive. I hope I’m never judgemental towards anyone when writing and performing. Much of my material has featured on BBC Radio Kent and sometimes on East London Radio. T....
ISBN: 9781803029627
Published: 30 October 2023
I put ‘My Little Book of Limericks’ together to help raise money for the Ukraine appeal in my local area. I have included sixty-two and I hope they make you chuckle. The first poem I wrote at the age of twelve was a limerick and I started writing them aga....
ISBN: 9781803026800
Published: 24 November 2022
I give readers an insight into the life and personality of Charles Dickens and the trail he left behind in East Kent. One of the world's greatest novelists spent countless hours walking on the chalk cliffs and visiting the beautiful villages of Thanet, so....
ISBN: 9781785103155
Published: 25 November 2014
The Isle of Thanet is known for its exceptional coastline and countryside. Scenery sculptured by the elements has seduced writers for centuries; some even taking up permanent residence. Picturesque villages and sandy bays, lined by the magnificent white c....
ISBN: 9781784078447
Published: 2 July 2014
After a broken marriage, where my children and I suffered terrible mental abuse, my short term partner nearly sent me 'over the edge', my long term partner had an affair with my best friend, being put off work with a painful condition, I decided to leave ....
ISBN: 9781785103162
Published: 1 December 2019