Where Is My Rocket?

Do you want to take part in your very own doodle adventure? Do you want to make decisions as to which path the story takes? Do you love adventure? Do you want to read a book that is different? Then this is the book for you! Tri-eye, an alien, has lost his rocket. He needs your help to find it. Are you ready to go on an adventure to help him find it? Make decisions for him, take him on a journey of your choice through different settings. Colour in the doodles, add to them if you wish. Make this adventure your own. The question is, how many attempts will it take you to find his rocket? Will you be able to find it? Read the book to find out! Good luck!
ISBN: 9781785101151
Type: Paperback
Pages: 24
Published: 23 September 2014
Price: $6.43