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I have long held the dream of writing my own books for children, that will excite and inspire and will be a little bit different. This Summer I finally found the time to do this. I wanted to create books with a twist, that would fire the imagination of children and involve them in the book. I am a Teacher and for many years have been seeking out books that aren't your normal run of the mill. I see far too many books that are. Over the years I have gained a very good understanding of what children enjoy through teaching, and through my own children. I have been able to identify gaps in the market, and I hope my books go some way to filling these gaps. My books for younger children focus on the idea of Doodle Adventures. These being books where the illustartions can be added to and can be coloured in, so your child becomes partly the illustrator. The adventure immerses your child in the book, by allowing them to make choices as to which path the journey takes, swapping between different pages, depending on their decisions. This gives your child ownership of the book. Depending on the decisions they make it will probably take them more than one attempt to reach to end of the adventure, which means they have more than one story to read within the book. My books for older children also contain illustrations to complete and to colour in. Again they contain adventure where your child can swap between pages to decide the path their journey takes, but there is no ending. The ending is up to your child. There are pages for your child to write, within templates, to complete the adventure in whatever way they choose, so not only are they part illustrator, they also become part author. These books aim to challenge and inspire. I hope you agree that they do.

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Acorn Class went on an exciting adventure to Chester Zoo. Sixteen super recounts written for children by children. Find out what we saw, what we thought and what our favourite animals were.
ISBN: 9781785106774
Published: 14 April 2015
This book takes a fictional, humourous look at a week in the life of a busy harassed teacher and mother. Enjoy reading the trials and tribulations that happen all within one week. Teachers, mothers, fathers and carers will be able to identify with this bo....
ISBN: 9781786978981
Published: 14 July 2017
Have you always wanted to write your own adventure? Well here is your chance! Following on from Doodle Adventure book, Where Is My Rocket, for younger children, this book will grab the imagination of any older child. Begin the adventure, making decisions ....
ISBN: 9781785100499
Published: 12 September 2014
Having been a Teacher for over 20 years, working with children aged from 2 to 7, I have had the privilege of witnessing many a funny moment. This book shares those hilarious moments with you. A great book to make you laugh and to appreciate the funny side....
ISBN: 9781786978448
Published: 8 June 2017
This is a fantastic book full of short stories written by children aged 5-8 years old. Sixteen wonderful stories set during World War One. Meet the two main characters, Walter and Edna and follow them on sixteen different adventures around their village. ....
ISBN: 9781785104169
Published: 16 December 2014
Do you want to take part in your very own doodle adventure? Do you want to make decisions as to which path the story takes? Do you love adventure? Do you want to read a book that is different? Then this is the book for you! Tri-eye, an alien, has lost his....
ISBN: 9781785101151
Published: 23 September 2014