Where My Heart Is

‘Where My Heart Is’ – comprises a collection of poems written during my time in the magical setting that was Orchards - my childhood home in Rowfant, Sussex where I also raised a family. My time there richly depicted in my book ‘The Haphazard Gardener’. Memories both good and bad are portrayed in the poetry; which has always been a constant and important part of my life. The poems include observations from my surroundings, and the direction my life has taken. Many were written after I met my husband Philip, when life became calmer and I became more content. I have included two poems by my granddaughter Erin McCarthy who - at the tender age of seven – has already been described by poet Sue Johnson as very talented. Although I left this idyllic place in 2005, Orchards it is still where my heart is. I hope you enjoy this collection.
ISBN: 9781788760904
Type: Paperback
Pages: 68
Published: 9 November 2017
Price: $6.49

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