Where on Earth

Robert was an ordinary man - those who knew him may even have said he was dull. "That's not very nice. I am not dull." He lived an ordinary life; he himself may have even said it was dull. "Well, it's not all dull." But not for long. "Why?" Something was going to happen to him that would change his life beyond anything he could have imagined. "What do you mean? Who's saying all this, by the way?" It involved a beautiful woman … and space travel. "Hey, a beautiful … What! Space travel?" Then he finds himself in an eighteenth century England. "Hold on - go back to that bit about space travel." He would long for his ordinary, dull life again back on Earth, though not for long. "Is this guy serious? What's that bit about back on Earth? Tell me this is some sick joke." Then there was the situation of the children. "Whoa, right there! What the hell does that mean?"
ISBN: 9781786100696
Type: Paperback
Pages: 736
Published: 25 August 2015
Price: $17.25

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