Working Through Trauma

Traumatised people think, feel and act differently to the rest of the population. Their brains have been re-wired by what happened to them or is still happening to them. They can undergo profound personality changes, and their perception of their environment is unrecognisable from that of a non-traumatised person. Working Through Trauma is a practical self-help guide for people who suffer from trauma and for those that support trauma survivors. It’s filled with easy-to-understand, illustrated sections that encourage reflection, action and ultimately recovery. By compiling and aggregating what is currently known about trauma in a person-centred way, Working Through Trauma seeks to create a safe and nurturing environment in which people can empower themselves to overcome distress and suffering and move on in their lives. Self Detective is the study of the self. It works by aggregating skills and tools, concepts and case studies from the world of psychology, the sciences, the humanities and the arts. Once this information has been distilled into easy-to-read, bite-sized nuggets, you can use it to come up with your own pearls of practical wisdom, understanding, and solutions to the problems life throws at you.
ISBN: 9781839457654
Type: Paperback
Pages: 204
Published: 18 February 2021
Price: $9.58

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