Gladness, madness, and sadness--these are some of the human emotions on offer in Michael Downes' collection of short stories: Banquet--something for everyone's taste. The localities of some of the stories are varied--Ireland, America, Australia, Britain, and even an island in the Caribbean, making the collection one with a truly international flavour. The vividness of the read, and the rich depiction of the characters as they play out their roles is a delight to the mind and ear, for one can clearly hear their laughter, see their sadness, and genuinely feel their anguish. One story in particular is probably one of the blackest of black comedy you are ever likely to read. An outrageous tale from the slums of Belfast during 'The Troubles.' And based on an actual event! So, if you are after a rollicking good read, look no further than Banquet--something for everyone's taste. A feast to be savoured!
ISBN: 9781782991717
Type: Paperback
Pages: 315
Published: 15 February 2013
Price: $15.43