the sea claims its own a collection of novellas and novelettes

This book consisting of four stories:two novellas, two novelettes, is unusual in that both literary genres are presented. The first story THE SEA CLAIMS ITS OWN, a novelette, is a tale set on the island of Sicily at the turn of the twentieth century. Its recurring themes are love, revenge, and murder, all played out like some latter day Greek tragedy. A thoughtful read indeed. It is followed by the novella VICTIM, a story of corporate greed in New York. A secret band of ruthless men known as The Cabal, hound a certain successful businessman for the sum of one million dollars. How he overcomes this band makes for some fascinating reading. Third is THEFT OF THE HEART. A powerful heart-wrenching tale from Germany.Told over a twenty year period, it tells of the obsessive love a young man has for an older married woman. Strong sex scenes, and more. Lastly something on a much lighter note:THE PAINTERS. Here we are shown all the insane beliefs and actions of a group of Irish painters. Written in the vernacular with some lovely juicy dialogue, it is sure to leave you reeling...and thinking, is it based on factual? Well, is it? Truth is stranger than fiction is the author's answer to that.
ISBN: 9781786102317
Type: Paperback
Pages: 225
Published: 20 October 2015
Price: $10.49

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