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Book Title Triple Death
Author Name Carol Fenlon
Synopsis Triple Death... in the eponymous title, Peggy hides her grisly secret for decades but when a body is turned up on local mossland it won't be long till she is called to account. In these twelve twisted tales you are invited to explore the dark corners of the mind, revealing the madness and horror that lie at the edges of sanity. Mawgan and his colleague are stranded on a planet unlike their own but the welcome they receive is not what they expect from intergalactic agreements(The Treatment of Prisoners). A lonely boy's only companion is a dead body he finds in the woods but his life is about to change when the dead man starts to speak (Play With Me). For Caladriel the past is a closed book but maybe the future can be changed - for the better? (Re-Writing the Book). Billy's head is filled with space invaders, Action Man, cowboys and indians and all the pre-occupations of his 1960s childhood. He's so full of tales that no one believes his latest story until they see what's in the abandoned farm shed (When Monsters Turn Real). Money is Jeff's god but he has to learn that there are some problems money can't solve (Paper Money). Mike is determined to take revenge on Ann for running off with Rick but his fiendish plan has unintended consequences (Ann's Test). Elaine is delighted with her new baby but Kev doesn't share her joy. He will keep getting in the way and something has to give...(My Baby). Walker has it in for surgeon Sir Marcus Jump who has left him with a mangled leg. He hatches a plot to make sure no one else has to suffer the same thing (Walker's Legend). In these varied stories, characters you might meet any day on the street rub shoulders with vampires,space travellers and visions from the future. Here you will find crime, horror, sensuality even humour but most definitely SHOCKS. You may never look at Joe Public in the same light again.
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