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My experience of life took me from a council flat to a top corporate position for a leading global finance company in London. More than 11 years ago I changed my life by setting up a charity to support children and families in the poorest regions of Nepal. During my life I have lived through many experiences, including surviving the devastating Earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. My book is the story of my continuing quest to change lives in this forgotten corner of the world. My charity, Hicap UK, funds the education of Nepali children, improves living conditions in remote mountain villages and creates sustainable ways for families to earn a living, keeping children and parents together. Please visit

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From rags to riches to enrichment... Freda Casagrande was living the dream. She’d reached the top of her profession, managing a multi million pound budget for a global corporation, with the luxury lifestyle to match. Opinionated and strong, she power-dres....
ISBN: 9781786977427
Published: 28 March 2017