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Other countries, other times can be both less well understood and much more interesting than the here and now. At least, that's what I find, and that's the reason why my novels have been set in France or Germany, and in previous centuries. The Second Empire in France has never captured the imagination in the way that the Empire created by Napoleon Bonaparte does. Bonaparte's nephew, who became Napoleon III, is an altogether less charismatic figure - yet his rise to power, dependent on a supportive electorate more than on force of arms, has its own fascination, and pre-figures the experience of the 20th (and 21st) centuries, the manipulation of democratic processes to allow "strongmen" to seize the state. In "Coup de Tete" and "Coup de Pierre", the birth pangs of the Second Empire, in 1851 and 1852, are the background to the work of Lucien de Boizillac, of the Paris police, in investigating crimes carried out in the streets and houses of the capital city. Just as French society was changing, under the pressures of a new imperial rule and a fast-growing economy, so too was the city. I hope that I have captured something of the atmosphere of the times, and shown how individuals like Lucien had to adjust to the changes around them. A third novel is in gestation - "Coup de Guerre", set in 1854, and played out against the involvement of France, and Britain, in the Crimean War. A bygone era, but human dilemmas which recur in all countries at all times.

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“A Plot in Germany”A novella, by Paul BristowThe city of Köllburg in Germany is staging an International Garden Festival, incorporating gardens created by designers from a range of different countries.The British Garden, the work of Cal Camborne, showcase....
ISBN: 9781803022352
Published: 28 October 2021
"COUP DE GUERRE" A Murder Mystery in 1850s Paris Paul Bristow Paris, 1854. It is two years since Louis-Napoléon, nephew of Napoléon Bonaparte, declared himself Emperor of France. Now he has allied himself with Great Britain to fight Russia, in the Crimean....
ISBN: 9781788766654
Published: 31 December 2018
Paris, September 1852.Four years after the revolution that brought down the last king of France, Paris is coming to terms with the regime installed by Louis-Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Lucien de Boizillac, a young captain in the Paris police, ....
ISBN: 9781786971111
Published: 28 June 2016
Paris. November 1851. Three years after its birth, the Second Republic is a sickly child. Its elected President is the nephew of Napoleon I, who makes no secret of his wish to bring back the imperial rule of his uncle. In the streets of Paris ordinary lif....
ISBN: 9781908147349
Published: 1 November 2011
2007. Madeleine Delmas is a young French journalist working in London. Mathieu Maltemps is elected as the new French President. At a joint press conference with the British Prime Minister, Maltemps spots Madeleine, and over the months that follow a friend....
ISBN: 9781784078027
Published: 17 June 2014
Christmas 1903. Billy and Florrie Towne are children from a poor part of London. David, Bertie and Mary are the grand-children of the King, Edward VII. There is no reason why they should all meet, until Billy discovers Raggy, the clown doll. Raggy can wor....
ISBN: 9781835970836
Published: 14 March 2024
Berlin, 1934. Adolf Hitler has been Chancellor of Germany for just over a year. On 30 June 1934, he launches the Night of the Long Knives: Ernst Röhm, leader of the Nazi storm-troopers is struck down, along with scores of his leading officers. But the kil....
ISBN: 9781785100741
Published: 17 September 2014
1969/70. Peter Toms comes to Cambridge to study archaeology at Radnor College. The experience of his first year is like that of so many freshers – an eventful social life running in parallel with a demanding programme of study. But developments in the wid....
ISBN: 9781803029832
Published: 20 November 2023