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I have had several poems published in anthologies and finally put together a collection of my own poems which I have published on Feed A Read. I have worked for many years as an English tutor, and done some writing part-time. I really enjoy writing and hope to produce more work in the future.

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This is a collection of poems written between the ages of 5 to 50, organized into three parts, the title of the book being the name of the first part, Crushed Green Ice; the second part, Tokyo Wakes Up and the third, The Energy of Concrete Dreams. The poe....
ISBN: 9781849234245
Published: 1 March 2009
This book is about the T S Kaye & Sons, Hull, family tool business which was started in the 19th century by my great-grandfather and is no longer in existence. At one time there were many branches of Kayes, not only in Hull, but in Goole, Nottingham and M....
ISBN: 9781786971869
Published: 26 July 2016