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Born, bred and educated in Perthshire, Scotland, Tim ventured south in the 1970s to firstly join the army and then the Metropolitan Police in London. After twenty-one years in London, he transferred to the Thames Valley Police and saw his time out as the commander of a sector in South Buckinghamshire. He is a committed Christian and, with his wife, travels extensively in their work to improve the lot of the disadvantaged, no matter where they may be. Tim is married to Marion and they have two sons, two grandsons (at time of print), and a Jack Russell Terrier. Tim hopes to bring out some of the memories of his thirty-year career in his writing.

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Is there life after death? For grizzled veteran Detective Sergeant George Cooper, the answer was more relevant than he imagined, while chasing a murder suspect on the platform of Slough Railway station. To say he went willingly would be incorrect, so dete....
ISBN: 9781781762851
Published: 2 May 2012