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Yassmin Sanders was born in Aden to Welsh-Yemeni parents. Her Yemeni grandmother, who used to scare her and her siblings witless with stories of djins and cloven-hooved demons, is largely to blame for Yassmin’s fertile imagination. Yassmin spent her adolescence flitting between school in Bristol, a village in the Welsh Black Mountains and whichever Middle Eastern country her parents happened to be working at any given time. Her experiences have endowed her with a unique perspective on Real Ale, wet weather hill walking and couscous. In 2008 she received a First in Archaeology and Classical History at Canterbury, specialising in the British Iron Age. She writes, draws pictures and lives in Maidstone, Kent, with her husband and two Bengal cats. The Owl of the Durotriges is her first novel.

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The blood sacrifice of a King’s first-born, an illicit love affair that destroys a friendship and a shocking injustice meted out to an innocent young mother; acts that fester for a generation. Set in pre-Roman Britain, (modern-day Hengistbury Head) the st....
ISBN: 9781781762813
Published: 2 June 2012