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To tell you a little about myself. I am a single parent who has raised two beautiful girls. In the distant past I was employed in marketing/ advertising but a number of years ago I re-trained as a Health Professional and spent a number of years working as an Occupational Therapist with people with disabilities. More recently I have returned to University to complete my Masters in Social Care. Although I have always loved to write for pleasure I dont suppose I would have ever written a book were it not for the unfortunate circumstances I found myself in the latter part of 2011. Unfortunately I had a car accident and was subsequently diagnosed with Menieres Disease. This resulted in my spending six long months nigh on immobile. I sat helplessly on my sofa and contemplated my future. I decided I had two choices; I could either immerse myself in self-pity, spending my days delving into the murky underworld of daytime television and forming a close and intimate relationship with Jeremy Kyle! Or, I could do something more productive that did not require the ability to ambulate! I chose the latter. Whether I made the right decision or not remains to be seen!

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Silence is not golden, it’s black...’ This is what Eve would tell you if she could, only she cannot speak the words. Born with a unique birth defect has left her without a voice. It is said that human nature drives us to covet what we do not have so it is....
ISBN: 9781781768259
Published: 13 October 2012