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Following their other adventures Vikram, Sita, Becky and Jojo, the Quartet of Innocence, undertake another mission for King Galath of Quandah. They are assisted by their old friend Lamghi, the black and gold dragon, though they have to do without the help....
ISBN: 9781788766326
Published: 7 December 2018
Synopsis of Mouse Prince At the end of The Spider King, the “Quartet of Innocence” namely Vikram, Sita, Becky and Jojo vanquish the enchantress Enneth. At that moment the king is changed back into his human form but the joy of release is destroyed when th....
ISBN: 9781786974341
Published: 27 October 2016
When is danger dangerous and when is it an adventure?That’s what Vikram and his sister Sita have to discover when they are sent to the Forest of Dean for safety after escaping from their homeland. They find themselves with the Becky and Jojo, the two girl....
ISBN: 9781781767535
Published: 17 September 2012
Is there life after death?Maybe, maybe not. This book, written using past life therapy as the medium to obtain these stories traces lives connected with a love of words and the magic of storytelling. The gene starts its long journey way back in the legend....
ISBN: 9781786102744
Published: 2 November 2015