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I live between Italy and Sri-Lanka. Writer and artist, over the years I've made a series of documentaries in Sri-Lanka, 'Sabines Holiday Resort' and 'The Dumb Girl'. I filmed the documentary, 'Diary of an Iranian musician' (original title - Diario di una Musicista) and have written several plays including 'The Uxoricide' (original title - Il caso di un uxoricida). In my art work I use two mediums batik and oil painting, at present I am working on a collection of portraits of the most infamous Italian mafia bosses which can be seen on Saatchi online gallery. I love reading satire, plays, literary fiction and poetry and I'm interested in writing which highlights freedom and human rights with irony and humour. Best of all I like fiction that pushes the boundries; I use a fusion of literary styles in my writing combining narrative, poetry and play.

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The Burqa master is a paradoxical drama and comedy following the lives of an Iranian father and son exiled in London. The old man, a diabetic sugar addict is lost between the mosque and Turkish delight. He shoots up insulin passing from stupor and self-pi....
ISBN: 9781781763445
Published: 15 May 2012
Tonight JFK a lowbrow tabloid talk show presenter reveals the truth about Geoff Butcher, better known as the man who chucked his wife down the toilet and got away with it. During the play JFK calls weird and wonderful witnesses onto the stage to confront ....
ISBN: 9781785101373
Published: 8 October 2014