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Meriel was born in Malaya, where her father was a rubber planter. She qualified as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and worked for a plastic surgeon before going into the theatre where she acted in film, TV and stage including the American Shakespeare Company, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the National Theatre. She directed several plays and was a member of the Directors’ Guild. Some years ago she moved to Herefordshire and set up a small organic farm with her husband, and her first book, Pot of Gold, a humorous account of downshifting, was published to good reviews in 1997.

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Samuel, the attractive and ambitious son of a Shropshire farmer, enlists as a teenager at the outbreak of the First World War and eventually transfers to the Royal Flying Corps. He survives the war and returns home to rebuild the family farm. A letter fro....
ISBN: 9781785104510
Published: 6 January 2015
Mungo Warner was exceptionally beautiful. Born in the prejudicial era of the 1940's, he was harshly treated by his father and abused by his tutor at Chester Choir School, where he is strongly attracted to an older boy. Mungo finds integrity in the acting ....
ISBN: 9781785104480
Published: 6 January 2015
​A delightful short story, especially suitable for five to eight-year-old children. This is the tale of Jacqueline, a clever jackdaw, who is given to a ten-year-old boy called Gladwin Goody, because he has always wanted a jackdaw friend.They become great ....
ISBN: 9781786108043
Published: 15 March 2016