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McBride has had a series of wacky events in her life, on both sides of the Atlantic. Of course she has; she's a native New Yorker but an Irish citizen living in Cornwall, UK. For starters. She's a journalist, an artist, a horsewoman and riding instructor, and she has run a Humane Society and an ad agency. You want wacky? She has seen it all. Well, most of it. All of which has given her the will and wisdom to write both offbeat mysteries and cogent sociopolitical commentary. And poetry. But what the heck; you only live once, and McBride packs a lot of it into her books, whether by The McBride herself, or one of her a/k/as.

This Author's Books

Insights on the human condition through the lenses of Cornwall, New York City, and Key West. Lyrical and gentle, or pithy and to the point, a collection of poetry that will make your heart sing and your mind engage with all the conditions of mankind.
ISBN: 9781785101786
Published: 14 October 2014
There are little old lady detectives, and hard-boiled detectives. Detectives with massive brains, and detectives with massive moustaches. But no one--no one--has what Shelf Barker has: An endless supply of hapless innocents to save from miscarriages of ju....
ISBN: 9781782997528
Published: 30 July 2013
You think the jackals of 2008 Wall Street are the reason you're financially strapped? Think again. Everything that has happened to the Baby Boom and subsequent generations was set in motion by the greediest generational cohort ever, the so-called Greatest....
ISBN: 9781782997344
Published: 24 July 2013
The Luminous Shadow of the Muse explores what's left behind when humans confront their lives...the feelings, hungers, pains, and joys, but beneath it all, the changes begun by everything a person does, and the activities altered by everything a human thin....
ISBN: 9781785102561
Published: 10 November 2014