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Helen Burton was born in Warwickshire but, fulfilling a long held wish for a life by the sea, she moved, in 2002, to the fishing village of Polperro in Cornwall to research and write her first novel, Waterwitch, a Cornish family saga. This was followed by The Lords of Arden, an historical novel set in and around Beaudesert Castle, Henley in Arden and at Warwick Castle, during the colourful and turbulent reign of Edward III. Helen's third novel, The Scarlet Splendour, was published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain which raged over south-east England from July to October 1940. After a lengthy and very happy stay in Cornwall, Helen has returned to the midlands and, after a brief stay in Stratford upon Avon, living close to 'Shakespeare's Church' - Holy Trinity - where so many of her own ancestors were baptised, married and buried she has now moved to Henley in Arden, setting for 'The Lords of Arden'. Helen's fourth novel, Blue Days and Fair, turned for inspiration to the men and women of Bomber Command who flew and maintained the Wellington 'Wimpy', and to the bombing raids on Birmingham in the dark days of World War II. Completing her World War II trilogy Helen published No Time for Dances, staying with Bomber Command but, this time, telling the story of the seven man crew of Lancaster Bomber, J-Java, flying from windswept Lincolnshire out to the German heartland; men of very different backgrounds and hailing from disparate corners of Europe and the Colonies. Helen returned to the setting of her first book, Waterwitch, for her sixth novel, Chestnut Tiger. Her latest novel, Revolution in Rosewater, takes place in 1830s Birmingham at a time of great social upheaval. It is a time and a setting which her own ancestors knew well. Helen is the sister of Carole Burton whose first novel, The Golden Apple, has also been published by FeedARead.

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Trevander, clinging to the wild Cornish coast… Three young women - the divorcee, the evacuee and the dancer - harbour secrets of love, loss and betrayal which will bridge the centuries.Lillie probes the mystery surrounding her grandfather’s disappearance ....
ISBN: 9781785102325
Published: 31 October 2014
RAF Kelderby, in 1943, is already facing appalling losses when three young men join the fragmented crew of Lancaster Bomber, J-Java: Kass Kowalski, their Polish Skipper - a man with a shadowy past, their misfit Aussie Flight Engineer John McShane and, fug....
ISBN: 9781782997634
Published: 30 July 2013
Young, idealistic Tom Calmady strives to make his way as a silversmith against the backdrop of 1830s Birmingham, a town in political ferment. He is constantly at odds with his irascible father and frequently hampered by his search for the perfect romance!....
ISBN: 9781786973726
Published: 12 October 2016
Madeleine Stratton's trespass into Rainswood's tangled garden and her subsequent 'adoption' by the Slade family, transforms her life - but the 'Golden Afternoon' which was Edwardian England - a place of village fetes, cricket matches, impossible hats and ....
ISBN: 9781803023151
Published: 6 January 2022