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Second in number out of the five,we migrated from India along with our parents to the newly carved state of Pakistan as a toddler . We spent with our parents our early years in Karachi and after studying in St.Joseph's Convent school up to the Junior Cambridge class, moved out of Karachi to Rawalpindi with the capital.Finished schooling from the Presentation Convent Rawalpindi, graduated from Gordon College, to join the Punjab university Lahore and completed M. SC.( Botany.) Married with three children living in Islamabad have been actively involved with academics for nearly four decades.I was awarded scholarship for post graduate diploma's in Leadership and Management Development,Project Management and Project Analysis from the USDA graduate school US. Took up the pen to write' memoirs' upon my mother's demise,then published a novel 'Sunset Boulevard' in 2010 and now Frozen Whispers.

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An insight into Pakistan's feudal culture that still holds a pivotal status in the society. The story of male dominance, revealing hidden details of a flamboyant lifestyle full of fun and merriment but along with it bearing the enormity of pain and suffer....
ISBN: 9781781765173
Published: 30 June 2012