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From oil exploration drilling and the placing of rigs in mile water depths round the world back to initiation in the old general cargo ships up to the technically advanced marine world of today the author has collected a background for colourful characters facing the realities of modern life. Finishing his career as a technical lecturer he harks back to geographically diverse scenarios enhanced by reading great authors of their time. He now lives in Sussex with his wife Elizabeth of some 43 years of marriage, after ten years of commuting to the smoke on the notorious Southern Rail system. Two sons are following successful careers nearby.

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Anwei and her beau Jason start life in a Cameroonian village whose peaceful rhythm is shattered in a massacre by a marauding squad of Biaffran soldiers. Escaping to the big city of Douala, an encounter with an English expatriate forestry manager leaves he....
ISBN: 9781788767996
Published: 9 April 2019
The discovery of a method for making very large gem diamonds from rare earth minerals mined on a tract of land owned by the protagonist of this novel, a simple village girl from Cameroon, but controlled by a Congolese war lord, may be the salvation of a p....
ISBN: 9781784072094
Published: 3 February 2016
A beautiful young woman disappeared in 1966 soon after marrying the Second Officer of a a cargo ship at the end of voyage to the Far East. Her estranged daughter, a famous singer, has to face the man who has been first acquitted and then convicted of her ....
ISBN: 9781788767958
Published: 9 April 2019