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In 1974, when I was living and working in London, I did two things that changed my life forever: I worked for a Diploma in shorthand and typing and bought my first ever Tarot Deck. I left for the United States before the ink was dry on the Diploma, and I have never been parted from a Tarot Deck since. In the winter of 1982 I was running a Tarot Course out of hired rooms close to the Citibank Building in New York City. There were very few 'teach yourself' books on Tarot around in those days, so Courses were popular with would-be Tarot readers. For $5.00 a lesson my students got printed notes, coffee, doughnuts, hands-on practice and a lot of laughs. $5.00 wasn't a lot of money even thirty years ago, but frankly it semmed a lot to me considering that people had to turn up on a Wednesday evening after work in cold, dark, snowy weather. My first book "THE TAROT WORKBOOK" is based on the notes I used for the Course. Since then I have wrotten several other books, but I particularly enjoyed writing "THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT" (Kindle version "Discover Ghosts") because writing about 'ghosts' means investigating them - and 'ghosts' are not always what prople expect they should be, are rather more commonplace than many of u would like to admit; and behave in ways that are next door to predictable and almost, but not quite, logical. Investigating 'ghosts' is often in many ways an uncomfortable experience - but nobody could call it boring! Numerology is something I have always wanted to write about, so "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU - HOW TO USE NUMEROLOGY TO MAKE SENSE OF YOUR LIFE" feels special to me - and not just because I've had a lot of fun writing it. I believe that learning to use numbers in this new way can help people to know and understand themselves better, get some insight as to how to improve their present lives and future prospects, and recognise that they have a specific purpose in life and lessons to learn from the things that do, and do not, happen to them. I hope that "It's All About You" will teach some people to learn to love numbers as much as I do, and learn as much from them as I have. What's next? "DISCOVER CARTOMANY - FORTUNE TELLING WITH PLAYING CARDS" is almost finished and should be ready for publication by early summer.

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IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU is a modern down-to-earth approach to understanding and using Numerology to unlock the secrets hidden away in names and birth dates.It contains a course of practical exercises designed to give the student a sound working knowledge of th....
ISBN: 9781784075538
Published: 26 March 2014