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Leo Beaumont is sterile. He wants his widower father Tom to donate his sperm, so that his beautiful wife Cordelia can perpetuate the ancient Beaumont line. Tom agrees but has no idea what a minefield he is stepping into. Meanwhile, in a nearby town, Maria....
ISBN: 9781785105555
Published: 19 February 2015
Three boys growing into manhood in a small Hampshire town. Thomas is mean and handsome. Richard has trouble with his sexuality in a time when homosexuality is a criminal offence. Harry is dirt poor and has to struggle to succeed.Because of his loyality to....
ISBN: 9781784077334
Published: 29 May 2014
It is nineteen-nineteen and Joyce Bartlett seeks revenge on Winifred Osmond who had an affair with her husband before he died in the Great War. On a trumped up charge she has Winifred's daughter, Prudence committed to an asylum. A highly nervous child, Pr....
ISBN: 9781908895530
Published: 27 January 2012
At forty-eight, Helen Magee discovers it is not easy to find a new man. She resorts to the lonely-hearts pages in her local newspaper. The results are sometimes funny and at other times downright dangerous. But love can be in one's own backyard and not ev....
ISBN: 9781786103840
Published: 11 December 2015
At school Billy Tyler is told he is an idiot and would never make anything of himself. He has difficulty with reading and writing. Yet he knows the opposite is true. Lifeis an uphill struggle. He wants to be his own boss but that dream seems unattainable.....
ISBN: 9781786972835
Published: 2 September 2016
Prudence is a young, successful business woman. Unfortunately she is not so astute when it comes to men. There is the brutal Charlie, and the fickle Morgan Evans, and of course, the ruthless Peter Saunders. Then into her life comes Ollie Morton, a trainee....
ISBN: 9781782993636
Published: 26 April 2013