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This author has intriguingly written a novel whose narrator, a student teacher, does not refer to himself at all throughout the story until the very last line; rather, what we the readers are presented with is what the narrator sees and hears. The form of the novel interweaves the narrator's thoughts and observations with the characters’ spoken words. This allows the reader to experience what the student views: the anguish of the teachers and pupils, masked by humour and sociability. Fergie Robson is a History teacher from Lanark who lives with his wife Angela and three children Owen, Danny and Jessica.

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On teacher training practice, a student encounters a variety of teachers and pupils, each with their own story. His experience merges learning their stories in class and in the staffroom with themes such as Scottish history, music, education, philosophy, ....
ISBN: 9781784076658
Published: 6 May 2014