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This is a spirit inspired book of 100 messages from your loved ones in spirit who have left this earth plane and still desire to help you in your times of trouble. You do not walk alone and your loved ones still care about you and their love and desire to....
ISBN: 9781782995241
Published: 7 June 2013
This is a spiritually inspiring book which teaches us that we are all Souls on a journey through life. We are each of us spirit beings with Souls created by The Heavenly Father out of love, and all are created equally. Love, the greatest power in the worl....
ISBN: 9781788760133
Published: 27 September 2017
This book contains inspirational spiritual readings which can be used for your upliftment in daily life. The readings are inspired and I hope that they will bring clarity of a spiritual kind to all those who read them, for they can arm each individual wit....
ISBN: 9781785104572
Published: 6 January 2015
This book has been written for the upliftment and encouragement of all those who are searching for spiritual truths. There are times in our lives when we can experience loneliness, and during these times it is hard to see any light on the pathway that we ....
ISBN: 9781908895783
Published: 3 February 2012
This book has been written to bring light, upliftment and healing through the inspiration of spirit to enable you to remain steadfast and strong on your chosen path. It will help you through those dark times when you may momentarily consider giving up you....
ISBN: 9781785104565
Published: 6 January 2015