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Music is the food of lifr

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From nursery rhymes up to Coldplay, Sue Le Blond’s quirky memoir marries music and memory. This is the soundtrack to a lifetime…
ISBN: 9781782999447
Published: 17 September 2013
The year 1970 belongs to a different country - they do things differently there. When five female students rent a Victorian terrace, they sense a cold patch on the stairs. Does it belong to a disapproving ghost called Maud, or is it a product of their ima....
ISBN: 9781781760635
Published: 24 February 2012
Back in 1970, before tuition fees, someone had to pay for our sex education. That's why, in the words of the hit song, Mama Told me Not To Come. Five students at the University of South Yorkshire are eager to learn, in the freedom of the post-pill culture....
ISBN: 9781908895547
Published: 27 January 2012