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Since 2012 began, Rosen's books have sold over 28,000 copies. So far two titles have broken into Amazon's Top 100 Kindle Books chart and Lipstick and Knickers led the fictional comedy chart for almost three weeks. Rosen was born in Cornwall, during the Chinese year of the sheep. She studied at Oxford before moving back to the West Country. She now lives on the south coast of Devon with two imaginary cats, fantasising about getting a real one.

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A writer's retreat seemed the perfect chance for Dee Whittaker to take her mind off her marital difficulties. However, she meets five of the most hideous writers ever to have mastered a qwerty keyboard, and her problems quickly multiply. Things escalate f....
ISBN: 9781781765920
Published: 25 August 2012
Short stories by number 1 bestseller, Rosen Trevithick. So called because of its alternation between laugh out loud comedy and more sinister, psychological tales, "Seesaw" showcases some of Rosen's most loved shorts, alongside some previously unpublished ....
ISBN: 9781781761335
Published: 15 March 2012