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It’s “Nothing Personal”, right? Aside from lurching from one mid-life crisis to the next, Carl J Ashley has successfully negotiated the transition from rather anonymous and somewhat bland thirtysomethingness, to eagerly anticipated, fruitfully mysterious and potentially exciting fortysomethingness. By writing another book. Currently working in IT sales and business development, as well as a keen student of Buddhist philosophy, the author recently qualified as a cricket umpire. He is, despite being an affable, quirky and articulate chap, no stranger to being unpopular. Indeed, describing himself as “A bit of a black sheep”, his obsession with pursuing the truth and “Telling it like it is”, means he often finds it easy to upset people. Talking honestly about addiction and depression is not a popular trend. Following on from the successful online poetry page “Carl’s Corner” his debut book, entitled “The Fox and the Scorpion Meet Cold Turkey” is likely to be met with a mixed reception and focuses on several themes. Not least his passion for sport - particularly football, and the rollercoaster ride and love affair that is Manchester City Football Club. Of prominence is his irreverent and excruciatingly honest take on the cold turkey experience - which is more akin to an anti self-help guide, and throughout the narrative we see how his love for fatherhood, travel, philosophy, cricket, and using mindfulness meditation to help deal with his addiction and depression, all come to the fore. The reader will undoubtedly also be able to relate to his situation as a humble Englishman dislocated in beautiful, rural Ireland, and enjoy the humour of his tribulations as a door-to-door sales guy (despite having a degree in psychology and philosophy). Ennis book launch: Shannon book signing: Sixmilebridge Book signing: Radio Interview on Clare FM: On LCCR: Other Links:

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At the tender age of 24, and sporting a pristine rucksack, with the hope of meeting his then girlfriend, and future wife, the author embarked on a maiden solo voyage to the other side of the world. It was very much a journey made in hope and expectation, ....
ISBN: 9781788760034
Published: 21 September 2017
It’s “Nothing Personal”, right?Following on from Carl’s Corner (his online poetry page) “The Fox and the Scorpion meet Cold Turkey” is the debut book by Manchester-born writer Carl J Ashley.It is likely to be met with a mixed reception and focuses on seve....
ISBN: 9781786107053
Published: 3 February 2016