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Kitty's torment is my second novel, my first; Three feet of Lightning was published through a publishing company in June 2013 at the age 68. Born in Dundee and educated in secondary schools in both Northumberland and Durham I have lived in Darlington since I was 13. I'm married to a very patient and caring husband. We have two daughters who we are very proud of, one is living in Yorkshire and the other in Cumbria. I always had a passion to write but it wasn't until after I had written, 'My Childhood - birth - fifteen' in 2010 that the writing bug took hold. The biographical book which is a personal brief account for my two daughters is treasured by them both. I now have two women's fiction and two childrens books in print. Don't Tell Isabella and The girl who never stops Asking.

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Life inside his hutch isn't very exciting for Cocoa. He watches with envy as Isabella runs freely with Cody the family dog. Isabella adores Cocoa, but she is unaware he has a secret wish. Is Cocoa prepared to break her heart for the sake of fulfilling his....
ISBN: 9781786977663
Published: 19 April 2017
Kitty Cartwright, in the early stages of her third pregnancy, embarks on a train journey to visit her childhood friend Connie. Struggling with two young children, a heavy suitcase and a pushchair, she gratefully accepts help from two soldiers travelling o....
ISBN: 9781786975393
Published: 2 December 2016
Amelia is an only child whose parents refuse her the one thing she longs for more than anything else in the world. Despite Amelia's persistent asking, they are determined to stick to their decision. Could the unthinkable be about to happen when she spends....
ISBN: 9781788761475
Published: 22 November 2017