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I am an academic with a mental health nursing background, and a long-standing interest in Eastern philosophy, Buddhist practice and non-dual (Advaita) teachings. I live by the sea in the UK with my wife, and enjoy classical music and gardening. I have practiced meditation for over 45 years, and now teach mindfulness to groups and individuals. Observing how most people are trapped and suffering within their sense of individuality, and ignorant of their true nature, I have been moved in recent years to share my understanding of non-duality through writing. My first book, Too Simple for Words, was published by O Books in 2016.

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In this collection of thoughts and poems, Graham Stew invites you to join him in an exploration of your true nature. The illusion of being a separate person is challenged through reflections on the non-dual nature of reality. Simple language is used to po....
ISBN: 9781786976970
Published: 1 March 2017
Ever wondered who you really are, and what you are doing here? This book suggests some answers. It is a collection of reflections and poems with the broad theme of Oneness and our true identity. It covers aspects of non-dual teaching, and in language whic....
ISBN: 9781786973085
Published: 13 September 2016
This book is about my understanding. It will try to present what I have learned from my seven decades’ experience of living, and the result of many years of quietly observing what it means to be human. It does not present any great insights or wisdom … it....
ISBN: 9781803029634
Published: 30 October 2023
Many of us at some point question the nature of our existence. Who am I? What am I doing here? Even going as far as committing beyond everything else to finding out. The problem is that questions such as where to look, what to look for, when, how and ulti....
ISBN: 9781839452079
Published: 18 March 2020
Do you ever wonder who you are? What you are doing here? What life is all about? The traditional wisdom of Non-Duality offers answers to all these questions, and in this his fourth book Graham Stew reflects on some of the core elements of Advaita Vedanta.....
ISBN: 9781788764803
Published: 22 August 2018