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Mike Scantlebury is not the first author to move out of the West Country and make a trek to the capital of England to seek his fortune, but he is the ONLY one to arrive in Manchester, in the North West. Why not? Manchester is the beating heart of the 21st Century U.K. - it's where all the best music, football and tourism is found, it's the Ghost Centre of the country, why not admit it's where all the best Crime Fiction comes from? Plus, Thrillers, Mysteries and Romances. Mike Scantlebury writes them all. You can find his books here or on Amazon. Check him out. You won't be disappointed. And, as his novels will tell you - on the 'About this Author' page at the back - he also writes and sings songs; he makes short drama videos; and is part, but only part, of The Jane and Mike Band, (found on YouTube and SoundCloud). Wow. Is there no end to this man's talent? Well, that's what a lot of people are asking. Mike Scantlebury is also very sociable: you can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Of course. If you want to see what his other life is like, look for his Home Page at

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Salford is one of the few cities in England that has the privilege of electing its own Mayor. It happened in 2012 - the first time in the city's 800 years of existence - and now it is due to happen again, 2016. The first elected Mayor, Donal Cameron, is s....
ISBN: 9781786973719
Published: 12 October 2016